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Front Electromagnetic Parking Sensor invisible mod. EPS-FRONT without drilling bumper

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The front Electromagnetic Parking Sensor mod. EPS-FRONT is completely invisible and it does not change the look of your car. 

The approach the obstacle is always indicated with three different sounds: pre-alarm, alert and risk of contact.

The electronic unit is placed inside the vehicle under the dashboard. Details

sensori di parcheggio invisivili 

Main features

Range from 60/70 cm. up to a few centimeters
Obstacles detected all shapes and materials
Sensitivity adjustment with 4 pre-set sensitivities
Power connection to the vehicle battery
Activation by button
Antenna sensor Length 3.5 meter  (can be cut to the length of the bumper)
Buzzer cable length 150 cm
RF Cable length 2,0 meters
Compatible with CAN BUS CHECK CONTROL No interference with other on-board equipments
Antenna sensor  installation on the innner surface of the bumper

Antenna sensor:

Unlike classical "button" sensors our Electromagnetic Parking Sensors use a single sensor that is attached to the inside surface of the bumper.

The antenna sensor is an aluminum strip 1 cm long 3.5 meters high and thick a few tenths.

Once applied from one end to the other of the bumper the excess can be cut away. Details

sensori di parcheggio elettromagnetico

Where to install the sensor antenna on your car

We suggest the position of the antenna sensor in the bumper. If your car is not listed please report it via mail indicating the model and production year of registration. proxel sensori di parcheggio

Vehicles that are not compatible

The following vehicles are NOT compatible with the parking sensor mod. EPS-FRONT:

- Jeep Wrangler

- BMW Z4 (2007)

- Land Rover Defender

- Range Rover 1999

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  • 3 years warranty
  • Manufacturer's technical support
  • Italian product
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Installation instructions

Mounting Instructions front parking sensor mod. EPS-FRONT  sensori di parcheggio istruzioni pdf

More information

For more information and specifications go to our website: www.proxel.com Proxel
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