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Electromagnetic parking sensor front mod. EPS-STRIP FRONT

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The electromagnetic parking sensor mod. EPS-STRIP FRONT can be installed without removing the bumper. The main novelty of this version is the possibility to use a very small chrome bordure as a sensor. The approaching the obstacle is signalled with two different sounds: alarm and risk of contact. Details

example eps strip front

Main features

Range from 40/50 cm. up to a few centimeters
Obstacles detected all shapes and materials
Sensitivity adjustment with 4 pre-set sensitivities
Power connection to the vehicle battery (+12V)
Activation via white LED button
Antenna sensor Length 2.5 meter (can be cut to the length of the bumper)
Buzzer cable length 1,7 meters
Data Cable length 2,5 meters
Compatible with CAN BUS CHECK CONTROL No interference with other on-board equipments
Antenna sensor installation External surface of the bumper
Push button cable length 120 cm
STRIP sensor colours Titanium or chrom

Antenna sensor

Unlike classical "button" sensors our Electromagnetic Parking Sensors use a single sensor applied on the external surface of the bumper.

The antenna sensor is constituted by a 4x2,5 mm plastic strip 2,5m long.

Once applied from one end to the other of the bumper the excess can be cut away.

Available in two colours: Titanium or Chrom

strip diemensioneStrip sensor colours



Fast installation

Reduced installation time. In fact It need not remove the bumper of the vehicle but only the license plate.

drill No damage to the bumper

No permanent aesthetic changes. The product can be removed without having to spend money to regenerate the original appearance of the car.

low price strip front Price

Interesting price / performance ratio because the coverage is equal to that of the models with antenna sensor inside the bumper.

Resistente Resistant

Durable in the time. The adhesive used has a strong hold; resists heat, low temperatures and strong jets of water car wash.


By buying this product on our website you will be entitled to

  • 3 years warranty
  • Manufacturer's technical support
  • Italian product



Installation instructions

Mounting Instructions front parking sensor mod. EPS-STRIP FRONT sensori di parcheggio istruzioni pdf

The EPS-STRIP FRONT model is not compatible with:

Cars with metal bumpers

Alfa Romeo with side plate

Irregular bumpers

Parking sensors EPS-STRIP FRONT not compatible cars

More information

For more information and specifications go to our website: www.proxel.com Proxel
Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Excellent product and great customer service

Monday, 17 July 2023

Bon produit ; le système fonctionne très bien. Montage relativement facile à condition de bien prévoir l'implantation des éléments sous le tableau de bord. L'antenne a été fixée sur le pare-choc (impossibilité de passer sous la plaque d'immatriculation) et la connexion passe par la grille du bouclier avant d'une Suzuki Ignis 2023.

Thursday, 27 October 2022

Molto sottile e con il colore titanio sulla plastica nera si vede poco fa'il suo lavoro egregiamente

Thursday, 16 December 2021

Montati su Ford Puma 2021 , istallazione facile e veloce , sensori precisi ed affidabili.

Saturday, 03 April 2021

Have fitted it on the Hyundai Creta .. easy installing.. and connected to a Li-ion battery with an on/ off switch instead of the car battery to avoid voiding the warranty.. works perfect as described

Wednesday, 06 March 2019

Sono riuscito ad installarlo senza smontare il paraurti e funziona benissimo.

Tuesday, 08 September 2015

un buon prodotto utile e facile da applicare anche fai da te, vorrei ringraziare inoltre per la disponibilita' e chiarezza del personale su alcune delucidazioni in merito al montaggio

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Il sensore funziona decisamente bene.

Monday, 13 October 2014

pur non avendo pratica nell'istallazione il risultato è perfetto

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