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Antenna Sensor Audi

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Antenna sensor for the following parking sensor models:

  • EPS-DUAL 2.0
  • EPS-DUAL 3.0
  • EPS-FRONT 3.0
  • EPS-DUAL 2.0 with DISPLAY
  • EPS-FRONT 4.0
  • EPS-DUAL 4.0
  • EPS-DUAL 4.0 with DISPLAY
  • EPS-DUAL 4.0 with DISPLAY Wireless

IMPORTANT: This antenna sensor is not compatible with the aforementioned products purchased from 22/07/2013 to 20/12/2014, in this case contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

audi a4 antenna rigida 

Main features:

Length 2.5 meters (can be cut by bumper length)
Width 1 cm
Thickness 0,2 mm
Connector Fast-on female


NOTA: The pack also contains the mastic adhesive to lock the ends of the antenna sensor.

ass new   

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